The Fauquier Amateur Radio Association (FARA) is an ARRL-affiliated association in the Roanoke Division. The association is located in Warrenton, Virginia, which is the county seat of Fauquier County.

Our focus includes contesting, ARES® activities, community support in emergency situations, education and amateur radio outreach.

Don helps the Scouts contact other JOTA stations.

Don helps the Scouts contact other JOTA stations.

On October 2009 we assisted the Boy Scouts with Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) a worldwide activity coinciding with Boy Scout events everywhere.

We are available to support your Warrenton-area event with FREE radio communications.

We support:

  • Walk-a-Thons,
  • Parades,
  • Dressage Events,
  • Bike Rides

Consider GMRS/FRS Radios if the communication distances are under 1/2 mile
Many forms of radio equipment systems are available to every citizen including General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) and Family Radio Service (FRS) radios. FRS radios are especially a good value and will provide excellent communications within a half mile or so. FRS radios are very low power, but do not require a license from the FCC. GMRS radios are very similar to FRS radios; GMRS radios have more power and more range, but require a per-family license from the FCC for a modest cost. Both GMRS and FRS radios are easy to purchase at many retail establishments including Home Depot for a modest cost. The latest trend is radios that provide both GMRS and FRS channels in the same radio. Using the same high quality FM modulation we use in our amateur radio systems, GMRS and FRS radios may fulfill your volunteers’ short range communications needs for your event.

FARA can help if your communication needs span Fauquier County
If your event requires communications beyond half mile or your volunteers do not want to handle your communication needs please feel free to contact us. With our higher power handheld and mobile amateur radio equipment plus our ideally situated VHF FM Repeater, our members can help when GMRS and FRS radios fall short.

If you have an event coming up at least two months from today that could benefit from radio communications, please contact our public service coordinator, John Huggins.

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