UPDATE August 2013

The Echolink node described below is temporarily moved to node W4VA-R number 883791.

The FARA W4VA 2m repeater (147.165+ PL 167.9) is now hosting an Echolink node located at the QTH of club member K1RA. The node is registered in the Echolink directory server as KW4VA-R and has a node number of 473997. It can also be found listed in the APRS network as ER-KW4VA.

The node currently operates as a link via a Motorola HT-1000 several miles from the repeater site. Internet users may experience a 1-2 second delay before they may key in and speak. Internet users should be aware that the node transmitter timeout is set to 3 minutes and the receiver inactivity timeout is set to 15 minutes. Local 2m users must let the repeater carrier drop and wait an additional 3-4 seconds to allow internet users to speak.

KW4VA & W4VA/R Echolink Network

KW4VA & W4VA/R Echolink Network

W4VA FARA members are welcome to read more information about Echolink instructions, access codes and technical details in the member’s protected area.