Recently the club has decided to sponsor a monthly event to encourage club members to get on the air. This event is targeted toward new hams, or those who don’t have the ability to build a radio station of their own. Members of the club open their station for 4 hours on a chosen Sat. and invite people to learn the ropes in a one-on-one or small group environment.

This roving club station idea is to help those overcome the initial hurdle of making those first few contacts, as well as understanding what is required to get on the air. Club members will usually provide HF, (short-wave, long distance) communications radios for talking to the world. Other facets of the hobby may also be on display to include but not be limited to morse code, mobile comms, V/UHF & repeater comms, digital computer-radio interfaces, internet-radio gateways, video / facsimile as well as various home brew radio projects.

If you are a FARA club member please click this link to view a list of members currently offering their station for use. You may contact them directly to get on the air. Otherwise, if you are interested in learning more about or next monthly event please email for more information to include dates, times and locations.

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