Monthly Meeting

Thursday June 12th, 2014  at 7 pm
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Ionosphere Science in Antarctica

The October meeting of the Fauquier Amateur Radio Association included a presentation by Dr. Arno Kosko about his time performing Ionosphere science research in Antarctica. Topics included studies of Whistler Mode emissions.

Whistler Mode Emissions

Whistler Mode Emissions

Arno, W4AKO, presents his Antarctic expedition.

Arno, W4AKO, presents his Antarctic expedition.

August Presentation on EME

K4MSG’s presentation on EME on a budget is now available in the members area.  Check it out!

Radio Demo at Crockett Park

Ham Radio Demonstration a Success

June 22nd and 23rd

2 pm Saturday to 2 pm Sunday.

Logan and Dylan make GOTA Contacts

Logan and Dylan make GOTA Contacts

Members of FARA invite you to see what Amateur Radio is all about as local amateur radio operators, often called hams, will set up emergency radio stations at…

Field Day is an annual radio operating event, sponsored by the ARRL, where amateur radio operators set up stations all across North America and make as many contacts with each other as possible. The popularity of this event is clearly shown in this online map of the many stations operating this weekend…

We operate every year.  Visit last year’s Fauquier Field Day.

Radio communication conditions, aka propagation, change often making every year a new playing field. Come see the latest methods hams use to make contacts through the changing conditions.

Participants will learn about antennas, radios, operating modes and more of what makes today’s ham radio different from what you remember from years ago.

Members of Fauquier Amateur Radio Association look forward to meeting you this weekend.

See you there!

Field Day Memories

With field day coming up I thought I would share a couple of pictures.

Past Field Day QSL and Club Station

Past Field Day QSL and Club Station

The first is a QSL card from Dave Garrish Sr. in 1990 when I ran the novice station for my very first field day. We had Field Day at Vint Hill. Dave sent this to me as a memento. Notice the call sign, this is where the club call came from. After Dave senior Died, I went to Dave Jr., I was club president at the time and asked him if we could get the call sign. He was all for it and later we got it bequeathed to the club.used water slide for sale

The second picture was when AB4YK was president and we had our first field day at Crockett Park. Neil do you remember what year it was? This was the year it rain mostly and Neil delivered lunch via truck while we huddled in our tents. We had Wendy’s Chile and Hot Coffee and it was greatly appreciated  Also notice the Club Flag, it was the first year for it too. Karen Sue Walker and My Wife, Joyce Gould made the flag.<

73, N4YXW