General Class

[ November 22, 2011; 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. ] Start Date of General Class sponsored by OVH in Manassas, VA

October presentation shows operations from DX locations

Harv K2PI presents info on his DX world travels
This October Harv K2PI presented a pictorial of his DX travels from over 27 yrs. He discussed the challenges of operating from both common and rare DX locations. Harv covered some excellent information including his 7 steps for success when considering operating from abroad.
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September meeting covers Amateur Emergency Services

Mark KD6AKC presents info on various emergency related services
At the September meeting Mark KD6AKC presented information on several amateur radio emergency related services. This included coverage of ARES, Skywarn, RACES, NTS, ARRL, FARA and MARS, which was covered by Larry K4LLQ. Mark presented both the unique aspects and capabilities of each of these services, […]

August meeting covers Electrical Measurements of PL259 Connectors

Energy Losses of Various UHF Connectors (Red) vs. others (Blue)

John, kx4o, presented measurements made on several examples of ‘UHF’ (PL-259 and SO-239) connectors alongside SMA, N, BNC and TNC connectors. The above charts show the UHF connectors in Red, the other connectors in Cyan and a reference baseline in Black. A particular focus is the […]

Remembering Don Maziarz, N2VA

Remembering Don Maziarz, N2VA.